Spy SMS: Frequently Asked Questions

How your SMS Interceptor works?

Once installed on your target Nokia phone, it will silently intercept all sms 'Sent' and 'Received' by the target cell phone and secretly forward exact copies of these text messages to any other phone number you choose.

Can I install your Spy SMS on my Motorola (Blackberry, HTC etc) phone?
NO. Our software works on smartphones listed on the website only.

What is a pre-defined number and is it possible to change the number?
The pre-defined number must be a mobile number where all the information from the target phone is forwarded to. Our software allows you to change the predefined number remotely at any time without any indication to the target phone.

Does Spy SMS work in any country?
Absolutely! The software works in all countries with any GSM network operator.

Can I install it on a Nokia cell phone using one SIM card, but then give the phone to my wife who uses another SIM?

What does remote control by SMS allow me to do?
Once the software is installed, the Spy SMS can be activated or deactivated anytime you wish by sending undetectable SMS commands from your phone to the target cell phone. You can also change your predefined number (where all the text messages are forwarded to) anytime you wish.

Is Spy SMS installed into the phone's memory or on the SIM card?
Spy SMS is installed on the phone.

Do copies of intercepted SMS appear in the "Sent' folder on the target phone?
The software leaves no trail – forwarded messages do not appear in the "Sent" folder. Our future proof software automatically deletes all the logging folders of any duplicated text messages and the predefined number from the target cell phone.

What is a target phone and how do I install the Spy SMS software?

It is the cell phone that you want to spy on. This is where you install the spy SMS software. You will need to provide us with your target’s phone model and it’s IMEI number when you place an order on our website. After you receive your software file you will need to transfer it from your PC to the target phone via USB cable (supplied with the phone) or bluetooth (the easiest method). Of course you need to have physical access to your target phone to be able to install the Spy SMS software. The process of installing the software is very simple and takes only a few seconds of your time. The installation process is done only once, and you don’t have to touch the target cell phone again once you install the software. Instruction manual how to install and work with the software will be provided.

Who pays for the forwarded texts (SMS)?
The GSM network provider of the target phone will be charged for any forwarded texts sent to your predefined number.

What is an IMEI number?
This is the 15 digit identification number specific to your cell phone. Every mobile phone has a unique IMEI number. By pressing *#06# on the phone's keypad, it will display the IMEI number. Alternatively, take a look behind the battery compartment where the IMEI number is printed.

Can the target user find the software on the phone (e.g. icon in the phone's menu)?

The Spy SMS does not have any user-interface, does not influence the phone's performance, does not need internet access and therefore cannot be traced on the cell phone. The phone looks and feel just like a standard ordinary cellular phone.

Can I install the Spy SMS on other phones?
No. The software file is based on the unique IMEI number of your target cell phone and therefore it will not work on any other cell phone

What if the target cell phone is switched OFF when I send a SMS command?

When the cell phone is switched back on, your SMS command will then get through and perform your request.

What is your Refund Policy?

All sales of our product are final. NO refunds will be issued, guaranteed or promised. Once we issue a registered software copy there is no way for us to recall, or rescind a registered software that has already been issued to a customer. Essentially, once the program has been issued there is no way for us to guarantee that a customer has not, or is not continuing to use the product.

We are 100% sure that you will enjoy our Spy SMS technology, its bullet proof reliability and stability from world leaders in spy software development!

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